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Photo Tour of Riverside Drive Between 80th St and 96th St

By Seth Fera-Schanes If you follow this site you have seen me reference Riverside Drive more than once.  Well, be prepared because you will probably continue to see a few posts about this street and park on the Upper West Side because it is one of my favorite […]


Snow Day in Central Park

By Seth Fera-Schanes A few pictures from Central Park after the Friday snow storm.  When it snows in the city, you want to take advantage of all the outdoor activities as soon as possible because with the amount of people rushing to join you, clean up crews and […]

Down Under Manhattan Bridge Overpass

By Seth Fera-Schanes Commonly referred to as “DUMBO,” this former manufacturing area of Brooklyn has been on the rise for the past few years.  Home to some cool tech companies (i.e Etsy) as well as a few iconic restaurants (e.g Grimaldi’s Pizza) this part of town should make […]

Brooklyn Street Art

If you live in the city and have a weekday off, or just want to skip work for the day then head over to Williamsburg for some great street art photos.  Just walk a few blocks away from the main retail area of Bedford avenue and you will see that local artists have been adding murals and characters to the sides of warehouses in the neighborhood.  The artwork is really well done and would be great to add to your portfolio.

JFK Airport Photography

By Seth Fera-Schanes There are 3 main airports in the NYC area (LaGuardia, Newark and JFK.)  If you have lived in the city for any length of time you have experienced all 3 and undoubtedly have your travel hardship stories for each one.  Regardless of some slight inconveniences, […]