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Bringing the Sneezing

I have been sneezed on more than once while living in New York.  I think it is about 5 times but I would prefer not believe that is true. Perhaps it is a known hazard of living in a crowded city where most commuters take public transportation.  Perhaps […]

Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum

Located in Washington Heights right off the 1 train on 153rd st., Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum is worth the trip.  Plan on spending 1-2 hours to walk the grounds and look for some of NYC past famous residents.  Also,  while you are exploring try and find the plaque that marks this place as one of the battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War.

Strike, Spare, Gutterball

Remember bowling in your hometown when you were growing up?  20 lanes, bright overhead lights, arcade games and shoes that never quite matched.  This was an affordable past time first done with family, then high school friends, then again with the same high school friends but after you had moved away and were back visiting; the last example being primarily for cheap beer.

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