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By Melissa Limberg

If you have read any of my posts recently at my personal blog, Melissa Explains it All, you’ll know that I recently tried SoulCycle for the first time. Now? I’m completely hooked. I can’t get enough of it. For any of you out there looking for a great gym to try on a regular basis or even a unique, inspiring workout on vacation -this is for you.

soulcycle II

First of all, I want any readers to know that I did not consider myself a physically fit person for a very long time. I will admit that I was even afraid to try these classes after I felt like my body was up for challenges. SoulCycle isn’t just your average spin class. Instructors are like spirit guides, keeping you focused and hungry the entire class. They challenge you, but at the same time they make you want to be better for you, your body, and your goals. This workout combines cardio with strength training and core challenges – mixed with a pump you up and rock-your-face off soundtrack. You’re going to feel the burn, and you’re going to like it.

What should you expect when you come to class? You’ll hop on the bike you’ve signed up for and there will be pleasant staff members around looking for anyone who needs assistance. The staff highlight any first timers so they’ll know who to look out for when it comes to adjusting your bike seat and handlebars. You’ll choose a set of free weights for the arm section, and then you’ll clip in to the bike and then you should take a deep breath – because you’re about to begin. I have gotten so much personal fulfillment out of these classes, I even cried during one. The good news about that is the lights were off and everyone else was red faced and sweating – so no one knew. It felt like I was in a world that was my own. One instructor even mentioned in a class, “the lights are off and you can be anyone you wanna be in here.”

Each instructor I’ve had has been absolutely amazing. I haven’t had one that didn’t make me want to try harder and reach deeper to achieve my full potential. Not to mention, their bodies are the most gorgeous things you’ll ever lay your eyes on… talk about motivation, looking at Emily Turner’s ass was like staring into the sun! What I like about trying out different teaching styles is that everyone has ways of talking during the class that will help something click a little more each time. My first ride, I probably looked like a gazelle trying to hump a chipmunk on that bike… but as I went to more and more classes and listened to the advice and the corrections of my instructors, I feel more confident than ever. I feel like I own that damn bike, and I own my body, and my physical and mental well-being.

soulcycle I

I’ve tried two SoulCycle locations so far, and both have been excellent amenities. You walk in and the staff at the counter is not only helpful, but they feel like they want to help you. I haven’t run into a single employee in any of my visits that made me feel like I was being an annoying newb or just another face that walked into the door. At the desk they have water for purchase in case you forget, and shoe rental. Shoe rental can add up since the classes don’t include it, but it’s worth every penny to invest in this amazing form of exercise turned self-actualization ritual. Major plus? Locker rental is free! Something free in New York? I love you, be mine. Also, it’s always a plus when the facilities are fully loaded with all the things you’ll need after class to freshen up and not have to schlep in yourself. Big bright bathrooms and showers are inviting. Note to new riders, the hallways where lockers line the walls are co-ed. NBD for me, though.

So, Full Access readers, I really encourage you to find a SoulCycle location near you and try out a class. It doesn’t matter if you’re a man or a woman, it doesn’t matter if you’re 110lbs or 250lbs – you’ll be able to do it, and this is the place that will make you FEEL like you can. This isn’t a gym, this isn’t a fitness club, this is a sanctuary for those who want to reach the next level of mind, body, and spirit. Happy spinning!

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