Summer Afternoon in the City

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Sometimes you just crave a hot summer afternoon in New York City.  Yes, the sweat beads on your forehead, the humidity is oppressive and unpleasant smells waft through the air.  Yet at the same time you just want to walk around the city for hours on end, taking in the sights and watching all the people along the way.  Below is a gallery of some time spent walking around the city with my camera on one of those summer afternoons.

A few places you might want to consider photographing during the summer months include:

The High Line is a former railway that has been converted into a great park that runs from 14th street to 34th street along 10th Avenue.  All above ground with food stands, bar, native plant life and a stellar view of the city and Hudson River.

Washington Square Park located in Greenwich Village along West 4th Street.  Great for people watching, watching street performers and checking out the Washington Square Arch (which is great for pictures at night as well.)

Chelsea neighborhood on the westside of Manhattan between 18th and 23rd street and 6th avenue over to the Hudson River.  This is a great place to take pictures of brownstones, Hudson River and Chelsea Market.  Also great for a food or snack break.

The iconic West Village neighborhood.  Spend time walking around the side streets and taking in the historic buildings and treelined streets.


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