The Cronut by Dominique Ansel

Search for “cronut” online and every major publication in NYC (and around the country) is talking about the mighty new pastry.


You will read people are waiting in line for 2 hours before the store opens at 8am.  You will see Dominique Ansel can only produce 200 of these tasty treats everyday.  There is a two limit cronut for each customer.  A secondary market exists with prices 4 times higher than the retail price of $5.

Well, I got up early.  I waited in line for 2 hours.  I bought 2 cronuts as well as a large coffee and croissant for good measure.  $16 dollars later I was out the door with a wry smile on my face.

And what do I make of this most recent NYC trend?  Worth the hype.  Totally worth it.  Dominique Ansel Bakery; I am impressed.


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