Union Square Got Dressed Up

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Spring in New York City and all the trees are in full bloom.  The cherry trees are in bloom, the city smells and feels good; people are happy.  This is one of the best times during the year to come to New York.  When you do, be sure to bring your camera because there will be a lot of photo opportunities.

I headed down to Union Square on Saturday and took a few pictures.  If you are going to visit an area that would normally be full of both tourists and locals, make an effort to pick off hours.  What this basically means is you have to get up early on a Saturday before there are too many people who will inadvertently photobomb all your pics (there are only some many random people you want to spend time cropping out.)  7am would be ideal but who are we kidding.  8am works as well and then starting around 9-9:30 you will have to contend with tourists.  Also around this time some early rising New Yorker’s who decided they are better than everyone else get up early for yoga and then walk around looking for fresh squeezed juice or smoothies.  You will want to avoid those types for sure.

Park Bench NYC

Couple Walking


Cherry Blossoms

Green Chairs

Spring Blossoms

Water Fountain

Union Square


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