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Rainbow Colored Bagels Are The Best Bagels

By Seth Fera-Schanes

I might have exaggerated the title a bit.  People know Everything Bagels are the best.  These are followed by Onion Bagels, then Plain and last but certainly not least, Pumpernickel.  At least this is how I view the bagel world but you are free to disagree with me and submit your own list. I had never actually seen a Rainbow Bagel until I stopped by The Bagel Basket on 89th Street and Amsterdam Avenue on Manhattan’s Upper West Side.

This establishment maintains a Kosher kitchen and observes Shabbat (so they will be closed on Saturdays.)  When I saw the Rainbow Bagel I was intrigued.  [Editor’s note: I didn’t actually get one this trip but it looked really festive.]

These bagels would be a great item to bring to a friend’s house for brunch or the office.  You will definitely be the talk of the water cooler; for a few hours at least.

Rainbow Bagels

Rainbow Bagel

Get your bagel to go so you can explore a few places on Manhattan’s scenic Upper West Side.  I would also suggest making an additional stop at Joe Coffee which is a 5 minute walk south on 85th and Columbus.  Joe’s coffee is the perfect compliment to your delicious New York Bagel.

There is a small community garden down the street between Amsterdam and Columbus for you to enjoy your breakfast. There are also historic pre-war brownstones between the avenues so you can pick a stoop to sit on.  I am all for leisurely sitting on a porch and watching people walk past.  Be mindful that you are in front of someone’s house so don’t block the stairs for too long (or try and sit to one side.)  Also, you are in New York so if the resident yells at you (which is possible) I will deny offering this advice.

Caraway Seed Bagel with Scallion Cream Cheese

Caraway Seed Bagel with Scallion Cream Cheese

If you want to extend your walk, head over to Central Park two avenue blocks away.

Bagel Shop on Upper West Side

Any place with these characters in the window is worth a visit.

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