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Men’s Fashion Tailored to Your Specifications

By Nick Christophers

Perry LabarcaEven though fashion trends come and go people still like to look polished and unique. There are few who can cater to both the public and the celebrity clientele -with the same results. Perry Labarca has managed to balance this business model over the years and built a name for him-self.

Perry realized at a young age that he had a knack for fashion and looked to build on that.  His mother like many others attempted to dress him but Perry wanted to create his own style. Even though his mother had great taste Perry had his own vision. Yet at the time he did not have much money for the expensive threads but he managed. As he grew older he was able to afford the designer clothing. But as he began to design his own styles he wanted to create a fashion affordable to people like himself and the working man. That is when he developed Perrianno Clothing.

His education for fashion did not come from school but his God given talent. He used to chalk his pants and jeans to know exactly where he wanted them to hit his shoe or sneaker. Perry would take them to the local Italian tailor Giuseppe for his opinion. The old tailor would tell him he had a good eye for fashion and detail.

“As I gained interest, I started hopping on the train and into fashion shows. I was that guy sneaking backstage, observing very closely picking up ideas and inspirations. I would talk to anybody I could to gain more insight. It was definitely a passion of mine to learn the art of designing. It just came natural.”

50 CentEventually Perry would expand his business and end up preparing suits for such names like James Gandolfini, Alec and Steven Baldwin, 50 Cent, Rae Kwon and Italian Opera singer Carmelisa. Besides the celebs he has also suited performers for numerous music videos and movie sets.

As we have seen in many men’s magazines single breasted suits have become popular. But Perry does not conform to “what is in” rather whatever his client would like he prepares. He admits it all depends on the clients taste not what is in pop culture. His typical clients vary from athletes, Wall Street types, business men, celebrities and the everyday man. At present he has an elite clientele all his business is custom from head to toe. He use to have a warehouse that was stocked with ten thousand suits where clients came in for fittings. Now he offers direct concierge service to his elite clients.

There is no storefront. Perrianno is an exclusive brand. It’s not about the money with us. It’s more about the feeling of being taken care of like a gentleman exclusive and custom treatment only. We just want everyone to feel like they are getting special treatment. Like this is their personal private time.”

Perry is always looking to please and build on that relationship. Stay up to date with Perry and check out some of his great accessories through facebook.

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