Van Cortlandt Park – Bronx

By Seth Fera-Schanes

Take the 1 train to its last stop in the Bronx and you will find yourself on the sidewalk standing at the entrance of Van Cortlandt park.  This park offers scenic walking, challenging running trails and cross country courses, large ponds and the first public golf course in the US.  If you like to golf, I think heading up to the Bronx to see or play on this historic course is a trip you probably should consider.

I head up to the park a few times a year.  One time is always in the fall to watch cross country races that are held on both Saturday and Sunday.  The layout of the course allows visitors to watch the runners from a few vantage points as well as make it to the finish line to see the runners come in.  In addition to running, the ponds in the park are open to fishing as long as you have a New York state fishing license.

I have heard people cross country ski in the park during the winter.  I haven’t tried this yet but am planning an outing this year and will be sure to post the results.  There is also an ice skating rink open starting in December which is also something to consider.

If you are new to the city or a seasoned veteran, I highly recommend getting a group of friends and heading up to Van Cortlandt park for a half day outing.

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