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Ultra Creative Artist Painting His Own Fantastic World

By Nick Christophers Art is such a broad word that there is no true meaning for it encompasses so many facets. For each artist their art is unique in its own way. Hence it is difficult to find a specific meaning for the word art without taking into […]

New York Actor Climbing the Entertainment Ladder

“I said to myself, if I can get in to read for David Chase, that I would try something different at the audition, take a risk, and I did in the room. I always heard the horror stories that actors would read for the show like 12 times, and would not book a role. I got the first call, the audition, and impressed David Chase, granted it was only one episode. But it was great to work with the show and director Mike Figgis (“Leaving Las Vegas”). “The Sopranos” actually got me my SAG card, so it’s something special.”

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