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Borough by borough, day after day, seeking the little details that make NYC great.

Brooklyn’s Finest – Bedford Cheese Shop

By Seth Fera-Schanes If I were to tell you I went into a store the other day and described it as having a “ripe,” “stinky,”pungent” or “penetrating” smell what would you think?  Chances are you would not form a favorable opinion.  Unless of course, I followed up that I […]


JFK Airport Photography

By Seth Fera-Schanes There are 3 main airports in the NYC area (LaGuardia, Newark and JFK.)  If you have lived in the city for any length of time you have experienced all 3 and undoubtedly have your travel hardship stories for each one.  Regardless of some slight inconveniences, […]

Autumn in Central Park

By Seth Fera-Schanes New York City’s 8 million residents love the fall season.  The humidity of summer has left and we wake up to crisp mornings, pumpkin spiced everything and of course the changing foliage.  Visitors and residents alike will head out to the parks in droves, cameras […]

Bringing the Sneezing

I have been sneezed on more than once while living in New York.  I think it is about 5 times but I would prefer not believe that is true. Perhaps it is a known hazard of living in a crowded city where most commuters take public transportation.  Perhaps […]