Autumn in Central Park

By Seth Fera-Schanes New York City’s 8 million residents love the fall season.  The humidity of summer has left and we wake up to crisp mornings, pumpkin spiced everything and of course the changing foliage.  Visitors and residents alike will head out to the parks in droves, cameras […]


Bringing the Sneezing

I have been sneezed on more than once while living in New York.  I think it is about 5 times but I would prefer not believe that is true. Perhaps it is a known hazard of living in a crowded city where most commuters take public transportation.  Perhaps […]

Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum

Located in Washington Heights right off the 1 train on 153rd st., Trinity Church Cemetery and Mausoleum is worth the trip.  Plan on spending 1-2 hours to walk the grounds and look for some of NYC past famous residents.  Also,  while you are exploring try and find the plaque that marks this place as one of the battlegrounds of the Revolutionary War.

Strike, Spare, Gutterball

Remember bowling in your hometown when you were growing up?  20 lanes, bright overhead lights, arcade games and shoes that never quite matched.  This was an affordable past time first done with family, then high school friends, then again with the same high school friends but after you had moved away and were back visiting; the last example being primarily for cheap beer.

NYC Likes Cool Products

By Seth Fera-Schanes What do you get when you combine a fish tank and an indoor garden?  Aqualibrium. Here is the quick back story.  I like to walk around the Union Square Farmer’s Market most Saturday mornings.  I met a guy who along with his friends started a […]

Who Wants to Buy an Expensive Pumpkin?

It is October and pumpkins are in every grocery store, bodega and farmer’s market ranging from  $20 to $100 (you can find some cheaper options so don’t totally freak out.)  These are not the prices that I remember from my childhood but tis the season and I want to make a jack-o-lantern so what am I to do?

Doughnut Plant and Hotel Chelsea

Hotel Chelsea is a New York City landmark and has been home to writers, artists, musicians and poets since it first opened in 1885. The added benefit of visiting the hotel today is a Doughnut Plant location in the first floor retail space that offers some of the best doughnuts in the city.

Abracadabra in New York City

It is October and New Yorker’s are settling into their fall schedules.  Part of the schedule is thinking about and preparing for Halloween at the end of the month.  This is a notable holiday in the city with parties, parades and then some more parties. Retailers recognize the […]

Makana Hawaiian BBQ

Makana Hawaiian & Japanese BBQ features a melting pot of popular dishes not usually found outside of Hawaii, and certainly rarely east of Los Angeles.  To see that Makana is successful enough to open a second branch in NYC is a real treat.