Artists and Fleas – Think Etsy But In Person

By Seth Fera-Schanes Artists and Fleas, started in 2003 is a local craft bazaar located on 70 North 7th Street between Wythe and Kent Avenues.  Yes, it is another spot in Williamsburg, Brooklyn and yes it is definitely worthy of another blog entry.  The market is like a little […]


New York Tech City

By Seth Fera-Schanes Do a quick internet search for tech start-ups in nyc and you’ll get a lot of hits.  New York City, known to many for food, fashion and finance (and obviously so many more industries) also has a healthy and growing technology scene. Instead of a […]

So They Say It’s Cold Outside

By: Seth Fera-Schanes First week into February and I am officially admitting winter has gotten to me.  There has been a recent spat of polar vortex’s, snow, rain, ice and general grayness moving through the city.  I actually learned an interesting new winter recipe this week: One part […]

Niagara Falls During The Winter

Full Access NYC, why are you referencing Western New York in your title?  First, I probably shouldn’t be questioning myself to set up some type of engaging response.  Second, I was actually in Niagara Falls and Buffalo this past weekend and got some nice pictures.  Lastly, there are three major airports in the tri-state area and one can take advantage of all the potential travel opportunities these offer.

New York City is one exciting, hectic, almost perpetual motion machine but this comes with a drawback.  It becomes a sensory overload and sometimes you need to step outside of the city to decompress or just see some trees (or in my case a giant waterfall.)