Chapell: Old School Talent Meshing with a Modern Flavor

It only seems fitting that some of the seasoned artists have come back to reenergize the music scene. This can be the case with indie rocker Alan Chapell. He has many years of experience in the tricky business of what they call the “music industry” – more on that below.

Italian Songstress Honoring the Classics with a Modern Twist

The old timers would have been proud of this talented lady who belts out their hits that are forever timeless. What we mean by old timers are the artists who crooned the crowds back in the 50’s and 60’s. Singers like Frank Sinatra, Jerry Vale, Dean Martin and Al Martino. The young lady, Vanessa Racci could make anyone sing along to these hits that she has rejuvenated with her own spicy recipe.

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